Targeting Energy Stakeholders in Brazil


Increase in Leads Generated from ABM Campaign


Increase in Leads who Asked to Talk to Sales


Increase in Leads Generated Between 2019 and 2021


Ironpaper was hired by Shell Catalysts & Technologies to build a modern marketing program that generates real sales pipeline activity. Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides leading catalysts, technical services, and licensed process technologies to refiners, gas treating facilities, and chemical plants worldwide.

As part of this program, Ironpaper developed a strategy for account-based marketing campaigns. One of the pilot campaigns targeted gas processing facilities in Brazil.


  • Content Strategy
  • Sales Development
  • Website Conversion
  • Lead Generation

One of Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ offerings includes providing gas treating solutions that can help companies extract value from gas reserves.

Due to legislative measures in Brazil, more players have entered the energy market. Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides unique solutions for these companies and removes roadblocks to success.

The challenge for Shell Catalysts & Technologies is to reach these specific energy companies operating in Brazil to make them aware of how their solutions can drive profitability and productivity.

Ironpaper proposed using ABM to reach stakeholders and build relationships while educating the prospects on pain points and opportunities related to gas reserves.



Our Goals

Ironpaper launched an account-based marketing campaign to demonstrate their value proposition to key companies operating in the country. Shell Catalysts & Technologies wanted to deepen relationships with key accounts and stakeholders in the region, and map additional account stakeholders to uncover new sales opportunities.

The Shell Catalysts & Technologies sales cycle spans one to three years, so while generating opportunities was the ultimate goal of the campaign, short-term successes included:

  • Scheduling discovery calls
  • Creating awareness among senior leadership involved in the decision-making process

Ironpaper's  ABM Campaign

Ironpaper’s ABM campaign workflow sought to target prospects and nurture them in the funnel. Each tactic aligned with the goal of positioning Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ gas treating solutions as powerful technologies for the treatment of South American gas.



The ABM campaign began with a robust research process to understand Shell Catalysts & Technologies buyers’ challenges and pain points. During this process, Ironpaper created a messaging map that paired the buyer’s market challenges with the client solution.

Customized Content

Through targeted LinkedIn ads, Ironpaper could get in front of key decision-makers at specific companies that could benefit from Shell Catalysts & Technologies' products. This granular approach was only successful as we worked with Shell Catalysts & Technologies to ensure value propositions were clearly communicated with the target, using language and phrasing common in the industry.

A core part of a successful ABM campaign is creating personalized content at scale. Ironpaper’s email nurturing campaign segmented leads in order to create content that converted them through the sales funnel. We wrote 1:1 emails that addressed the prospect’s needs, depending on their place in the buyer’s journey.

During the eighteen-month campaign, Ironpaper generated a 116% increase in ad clicks from stakeholders from key accounts operating in Brazil.
We also generated a 7% increase in leads between 2019 and 2021, which resulted in an open opportunity for Shell Catalysts & Technologies. While opportunities typically take years to cultivate, our targeted campaign has already generated a clear ROI.



ABM Campaign Results

Our ABM campaign ads were viewed by nearly 15,000 unique stakeholders from more than six target organizations. For each person who clicked on our ads, 11.42% of those converted into a lead. 


Unique Stakeholders Reached


Companies Reached


Lead Conversion Rate

We were able to map two regional newcomers and their subsidiaries through ads highlighting the ability to capitalize on new gas treating opportunities and compete in new markets. All of these companies present unique sales opportunities for Shell Catalysts & Technologies and a chance to significantly enhance market presence.

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