Launching a Global Business with Shell Catalysts & Technologies


Increase in Leads Generated Between 2019 and 2022


Increase in Sales Hand-raisers Between 2019 and 2022


Increase in Opportunities Between 2019 and 2022


In 2018, Shell’s Catalysts, Licensing, and Services businesses began operating as one entity under a single brand: Shell Catalysts & Technologies. As the departments came together, Shell leadership knew the new organization needed a cohesive marketing department that could:

  • Drive meaningful business outcomes and qualified leads
  • Demonstrate the value of digital marketing to a skeptical global sales force
  • Tell the story of Shell’s focus on the energy transition


  • Content Strategy
  • Social Campaign
  • Website Conversion
  • Lead Generation

What we were struggling with before we brought in Ironpaper into the fold was that we didn't have a sales and marketing relationship. We needed to bring ourselves into the 21st century.


Tamara Burkholder
Marketing Communications and Business Operations Manager
Shell Catalysts & Technologies

That’s why Ironpaper has led initiatives in three core areas that are fundamentally changing the way Shell Catalysts & Technologies does business:

  • Digital Presence
  • Lead Generation
  • Buyer's Journey


1. Building a Digital Presence

Due to Shell Catalysts & Technologies' recent restructuring, the brand lacked a cohesive identity, mission, and message. That’s why Ironpaper spent the beginning of the relationship focused on building a unified digital presence in both customer-facing assets and backend processes.


Since we started tracking contacts generated in late 2018, we've generated over 26,000 contacts for SC&T. Thanks to these huge strides, we’ve become a trusted voice for Shell Catalysts & Technologies' marketing leadership to rely on.

A robust digital presence helped Shell Catalysts & Technologies gain:



Increase in Followers on Linkedin Showcase Page


Contacts Through 2021


Increase in Verified SQLs with Interactions Tracked in HubSpot



The branding challenges Shell Catalysts & Technologies faced were enhanced by the fact that there was no centralized website. Instead, they had three different websites — with 350 pages between them — that needed to be merged to showcase the benefits, solutions, and values of the new brand.

HubSpot insight tags were affixed to the global site, while a subdomain was created to host Shell Catalysts & Technologies-specific landing pages, for more control over messaging, content and analytics. Moreover, creative solutions were applied to better utilize Shell’s existing CMS, adding flexibility and lead infrastructure to optimize existing data gathering and analytics.

The new unified website was created to:
  • Speak to targeted buyer challenges and pain points
  • Host compelling conversion points with Hubspot forms
  • Execute a keyword driven strategy for on-site SEO

LinkedIn Showcase Page

To create a more robust digital presence, Ironpaper recommended building a LinkedIn Showcase page that could reach their specific audience, generate a following, and establish Shell Catalysts & Technologies as a thought leader in the energy transition space. 

To accomplish this goal, our strategy was to make a global engineering and technology brand seem more relatable and human-focused. To accomplish this, we interviewed and featured the people behind the brand and best-in-class technologies on LinkedIn.

HubSpot Site Integration

Prior to their relationship with Ironpaper, Shell manually recorded leads and interactions — missing out on valuable insights and opportunities. Ironpaper integrated HubSpot functionality into the new Shell Catalysts & Technologies website, bridging the gap between sales and marketing.


2. Driving Lead Generation

Once a digital foundation was set, Ironpaper began a series of campaigns to generate followers, increase leads, and inform the customer journey.


Ironpaper's Lead Generation Strategies for Shell Catalysts & Technologies resulted in:


Increase in Leads Generated per Week Through Q1 2020


Website-to-Lead Conversion Rate in 2019


of Leads Driven by Social in Q1 2020


Paid Ad Campaigns

To understand the pain points customers experience and create high-performing paid campaigns, Ironpaper interviews subject matter experts and salespeople at Shell. Their insights form the foundation of campaigns that are constantly refined by testing ad formats, messaging, and audience parameters.

This kind of experimentation empowers lead generation initiatives to provide closed-loop reporting that can pinpoint the most successful content and messaging. Plus, it helps marketing gather intelligence on individual customers, so they can educate the sales team during the marketing-sales handoff.

Account-Based Marketing

Shell Catalysts & Technologies' sales team had previously experimented with a basic form of account-based marketing (ABM) in the past by assigning specific, high-value prospects to different sales teams. To take these efforts to the next level, Ironpaper enhanced the existing approach with creative, ABM-driven digital marketing.

For example, Shell Catalysts & Technologies sales had previously targeted a mid-cap energy enterprise that was expanding into solar, green, and renewable energy products with limited success. To help them close the deal, Ironpaper created a microsite that spoke directly to their pain points and aligned their interests with Shell Catalysts & Technologies' value proposition. 

We also generated content to reinforce this messaging and used it within a LinkedIn paid campaign that targeted company stakeholders based on role. Thanks to the native LinkedIn integration tool in HubSpot, we were able to seamlessly track company-wide engagement and ROI. Since its launch, the ABM campaign has been enormously successful, resulting in significant advancement of Shell’s profile at the client. 



3. Developing a Transparent Buyer’s Journey

To continue boosting the sales team’s effectiveness, Ironpaper began to develop a more transparent buyer’s journey that could deliver the right message at the right time thanks to greater lead intelligence.

This involved collaborating with the Shell Catalyst & Technologies sales team to define clear lead qualification criteria for every phase of the funnel. Then, Ironpaper implemented HubSpot forms with qualifying questions and progressive profiling to improve lead quality.


Ironpaper mapped custom fields from HubSpot to Shell Catalysts & Technologies' CRM to ensure that sales can benefit from the data uncovered during the marketing process. For example, Ironpaper developed a custom ‘score’ for each lead, indicating their level of sales-readiness on a scale from 1-5. This has been a game-changer in the marketing-to-sales handoff because it provides a data-backed identifier that helps the sales team modify their approach based on objective markers like website interactions, content downloads, challenge questions, and more.



Through our work Shell Catalysts & Technologies achieved:



Increase in Total Number of Leads Generated through 2021


Website-to-lead Conversion Rate in 2021


Increase in Leads Who Asked to Talk with Sales in Q4 in 2019

"We can now see that a real person attended a webinar and has interacted with us nine to ten times...then tell the sales team to go talk to him. Sales has never seen anything like that, so it's been huge."

Tamara Burkholder 
Marketing Communications and Business Operations Manager
Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Impact of Our Relationship with Shell Catalysts & Technologies

According to the Shell Catalysts & Technologies team, the impact of these changes is immense. The additional visibility makes sure the 89 hand-raisers who asked to talk to a sales person in Q4 2019 are contacted by someone who has deep insights into their needs and challenges.  

In addition to these quantitative results, Ironpaper also helped Shell Catalysts & Technologies achieve their secondary goal: to be recognized as thought leaders throughout Shell Global – elevating their profile as an innovative business unit, and proving the value of digital marketing throughout the enterprise.

Our experience with Ironpaper has honestly been wonderful. We looked for a partner who could literally be a part of our marketing team and that has happened...they've persevered and been a great partner.

Tamara Bukholder
Marketing Communications and Business Operations Manager
Shell Catalysts & Technologies

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