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Marketing programs built on first-party data.

Ironpaper helps organizations build, test, and optimize content marketing programs to drive qualified leads and sales opportunities.

As third-party data goes increasingly by way of the dinosaurs, Ironpaper provides a stronger alternative. We build results-driven marketing programs that rely on first-party data designed to work in a privacy-centric future. 

Marketers must embrace a new approach to data. The change will require a new way of thinking, but the opportunities are better. 

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First-party data programs create value

Ironpaper improves the B2B buyer journey by addressing the needs of buyers. Our approach to marketing is built to stand up within a landscape of privacy changes, media disruptions, and data protections. 

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The loss of third-party data in marketing will help the industry. Marketers will need to be more disciplined. The value will be far greater. 

(Jonathan Franchell, CEO, Ironpaper)

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First-party data in marketing is more useful.

Companies need to rethink how they use data in marketing. Third-party data has been the backbone of marketing for too long. First-party data can drive better insights and more value, but businesses need new capabilities to make marketing with first-party data actionable, insightful, and robust.

Applying first-party data to drive marketing results

It's time to rethink data in marketing. 

Ironpaper uses data in marketing programs. Moving away from third-party data isn't impossible, but it requires a new way of thinking about marketing, media, and the buyer's journey. 

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First-party data drives more value and offers rich opportunities for customer development. 

(Jonathan Franchell, CEO, Ironpaper)

Data opportunities across the entire buyer's journey

Third-party data falls short in some big ways--privacy, accuracy, and depth. Marketing must approach data from a fresh set of eyes. The opportunities are vast. 

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First-party data marketing programs

Ironpaper is a growth agency. We help our clients run mature, capable, and growth-oriented marketing programs. We rely on first-party data in our marketing efforts to develop ideal-customer relationships.

A profound shift

The demise of third-party cookies and identifiers will uproot many ad platforms, advertising agencies, and marketing systems. The loss of third-party data will force change upon an industry that has relied on easy access to data. Marketers and sales teams will now need to rely on their own first-party data to gain insights, and the change will require a new mindset for the customer-development industry. 

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