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PCS Website Redesign Generates More Leads and Converts Leads Quickly

PCS provides a transportation management system which is an end-to-end platform that integrates dispatch, compliance, fleet, and accounting functionalities.

Customers prefer PCS because the platform helps them reduce deadhead miles, minimize manual tasks, and spot growth opportunities with visibility into distributed operations.

Ironpaper worked with PCS to evolve their website. Two primary goals directed all of our work together.

  • Generate more leads for PCS through an optimized and redesigned website.
  • Create buyer-specific messaging throughout the website to help conversions and improve user experience.



  • Content Strategy
  • SEO
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Design Systems
  • Web design

Uncovering Problems During Research

The first step in any Ironpaper project is to conduct thorough research.

In addition to a content and website audit, we researched market forces at play to discover the challenges of the companies that would benefit from PCS. 

We took a deep dive into PCS’s analytics, looking at historical lead data to understand baseline performance and roles of converted leads.

We reviewed all of PCS’s main competitors from an organic SEO perspective, information architecture, and visual design perspective. We also assessed behavioral data from Google Analytics, heat maps, and user flows across website pages.

As we spoke to more team members at PCS, we uncovered a problem internally. The technical and business teams did not align on how to redesign the  PCS website. These two units disagreed on design and branding elements as well as on copy changes and messaging.

Alignment Workshop

Instead of pushing forward with a site redesign that would leave one team dissatisfied, Ironpaper held a workshop with everyone to get all ideas on the table. 

This workshop's goal was to produce a clear direction for the new brand strategy and its visual manifestation, so all participants felt comfortable with our approach.



Brand Vision and Visual Design System

This session explored the brand vision and values of both the technical team and the business team. We discovered color and image preferences, as well as had each participant describe the company, values, and buyers. This session helped us form a cohesive look for the site and gave us unique insights into creating content to address the buyer.

It also allowed us to see that some content and messaging were too high-tech for the buyer. The PCS team's descriptions forced us to take a step back to revise messaging to speak directly to the buyer.


Content and SEO for a specific buyer

PCS's customers are a very niche group. It's not simply anyone in the logistics industry. PCS wanted to speak directly to carriers and brokers that had specific pain points. Ironpaper conducted in-depth research and interviews to uncover why someone would use PCS's platform so we could focus content efforts.


Content Prioritization - Card Sorting Workshop

The outcome of this work was the creation of an ideal customer profile (ICP) outlining market forces, pain points, value points, and differentiators.


We then put this information into a framing document to reference during all content creation.

Ironpaper identified competitor keyword gaps or phrases that PCS could rank highly for to gain an edge over the competition. We also prioritized new keywords that accurately reflected the buyer's pain and value points.

Armed with this robust research, we held a content prioritization workshop, so the PCS team was on board with how we suggested moving forward. We wanted to provide strategic guidance but allow for PCS's input on any content they felt needed prioritizing.


Revising site architecture

Through this entire process, we kept our two goals in mind.

  1. Generate qualified traffic for the website

  2. Convert these leads as quickly as possible


We realized we needed to revamp PCS’s site architecture in order to complete that second goal. Before our work, users thought the website was confusing and couldn’t access the information necessary quickly. We knew that websites that are not easy to navigate do not convert prospects very well. We proposed a new site architecture that would better serve to move visitors along in the sales funnel.

Information Architecture and Experience Design

Ironpaper team worked on creating a seamless user flow to provide an easy navigation and deeper content engagement. User experience focused on making moments of conversion as intuitive as possible.


Building a Scalable Design System

PCS wanted their website speak to their buyers and have a look and feel that emphasizes their technology focus. Ironpaper built a new web presence that is modular and easily scalable. This modular system also enabled web development to move in an agile way.

The new user experience and visual storytelling enabled buyers to easily connect with the brand while enjoying the ease of use for their needs.


Because of our SEO and content efforts, the site improved on many Google rankings after launch.

Ironpaper launched the new website design, copy, and SEO campaign, which gave PCS a healthier website to attract and convert leads.

Our strategic keyword approach allowed PCS to rank higher for keywords their buyer actually searched in Google.

Launching a website is only the starting point, using tools like Agency Analytics and SEMRush, allow us to track progress over time, working from a solid foundation with a new website designed for buyers and easy to update. It means we can capitalize on new keyword targets, continuously improving the effectiveness and ROI of digital marketing efforts.

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