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Solartis needed a marketing funnel that could educate traditional companies on their emerging technology and generate SQLs.

Solartis helps insurance carriers and their associated administrators modernize policy administration technology and processes. Their cloud-based technology is a rapid insurance product “enabler” platform that provides full sales & policy lifecycle capabilities in the most flexible, state of the art, API-centric microservice environment.

When they came to Ironpaper, Solartis knew their microservices would have a huge impact on the industry, but attracting companies that are entrenched in established systems and building awareness with new entrances is tough.

Plus, the bulk of their in-house resources were dedicated to sales activities, so it was hard to build a scalable marketing machine.


  • Content Strategy
  • Social Campaign
  • Website Conversion
  • Lead Generation
Our first move, when we started working with them, was to interview the VP of Sales & Marketing; and the President & CEO to identify the ideal buyer profile, their challenges, and common sales questions.


Going through this process built alignment between sales and marketing from the beginning. It also helped us develop the customercentric messaging we’ve used to successfully generate qualified leads over the last two years.

To measure the impact of our campaigns and generate these results from the start, we implemented HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools. This technology set us up to track each contact’s journey, rapidly iterate on website copy, and calculate ROI. It also empowered us to test account-based marketing campaigns that targeted contacts from specific companies with messaging that spoke to their individual needs.

Messaging Strategy

Solartis’ target market is entrenched in longstanding ways of doing business. That’s why our messaging reframed product features as the solution to insurance problems.

Even before the website redesign launched in June 2018, new verbiage about speed-to market, development freedom and digital transformation began increasing the Session to Contact rate.

The Solution

Ironpaper began our work with Solartis by creating a foundation for growth. To do that, we focused on three key strategies:


Building a new website that used buyer-centric messaging to clearly demonstrate how Solartis solves problems for insurance providers


Creating keyword-focused content to attract organic, inbound leads


Developing a series of gated content offers (eBooks, white papers) toincrease the number of lead capture opportunities


Thanks to these efforts, the new website climbed 1,431 search positions between 143 key terms in three months. We have been able to rank in the first and second spots for up-and-coming terms like “insurance microservices” because we started our SEO efforts when there was low monthly search volume.

Organic search became a strong, sustainable lead generation channel, with many keywords ranking in the top 10 on Google


In addition to generating more leads through the website, we also helped Solartis improve the effectiveness of their offline activities.

After they attended InsureTech Connect (ITC) as a title sponsor, we created a competitor messaging analysis and generated sales opportunities from contacts who came to their booth and keynote panel, which featured major industry leaders, in two ways:


Whitepaper: First, we created a content offer that highlighted how Solartis’ microservices impacted each panelist’s business. At the end, it invited readers to keep moving through the pipeline and sign up for the Solartis Sandbox, a cloud-based tool where sales qualified leads can try out the Solartis insurance microservices on their own.

• Videos: We then repurposed the hour-long panel video into shorter, more shareable segments for distribution through a variety of web and social channels. These clips were also the perfect way to make our new 1:1 email series more engaging and warm up cold leads into active SQLs.

Email Results




Open Rate


Click Rate

Once we had a strong pipeline built, we continued to improve lead generation by distributing gated content offers via organic and paid social media channels. These campaigns worked particularly well on LinkedIn where we generated 19 leads in one month for a low cost per lead.


Since we started working with Solartis two years ago, we’ve been able to build a sustainable pipeline that attracts inbound leads with SEO-optimized content and nurtures them until they are perfect candidates for the sales team. This transformation has helped the company become a microservices thought leader and a trailblazer in the insurance space.

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