Market research report: B2B Leaders Reveal Messaging Challenges

Ironpaper's survey of 159 B2B leaders explores messaging effectiveness and reaching customers online and offline.

As the world adjusts to changes brought on by the pandemic and some in-person events return, a hybrid sales funnel has taken shape, blending in-person and digital tactics. 

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This research report delves into messaging in the marketing and sales process:

How effective current messaging is at converting leads in the funnel.

→  Actions taken once a qualified lead converts.

→  Measurement of marketing and sales tactics.

B2B companies have increased investment in the digital customer journey to drive growth, replacing traditional in-person growth initiatives.

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30% of marketers said speaking to buyer’s pain points is the most important part of marketing and sales messaging. 

(Ironpaper, 2022)

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This survey uncovered key challenges B2B leaders face in marketing and sales campaigns

B2B organizations are struggling to adapt to a volatile marketplace in order to grow. Ironpaper's survey of 159 B2B decision-makers shows this group struggles with messaging and understanding the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts. 


Ironpaper surveyed 159 individuals between June 2021 and May 2022. All respondents have a part in business or marketing decision-making at their company.

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